Are Uncharted 2 and 3 games that NEED to be played on big screens?

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A number of games this generation absolutely have to be played on a home theatre system to be enjoyed such as Red Dead Redemption and God of War 3.

Is it the same case with UC2 and 3 or will I still get an excellent experience on a 23" 1080p screen since my parents are always hoarding the big screen in the living room.

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Seriously? lol I think you'll be fine. 

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Yes, you NEED to play it on a big ass tv. It will not work, otherwise.

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As long as you have HD it's fine... I game mostly on a 24 inch HDTV and it's good enough for me. Sure, surround sound would be cool, but I don't see it as necessary.
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23" lol good lord man It has been established since 2007 that you play games on atleast a 32"
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I play the vast majority of my games on my 23" and I am more than happy but some games are so cinematic that they are begging to be play on a home cinema system. As I mentioned, a game like Red Dead Redemption was a borefest when I played it on my small screen but was an incredibly atmospheric experience when I played it on the big screen. I am yet to play UC2 and 3 and given the fact that they are masterpieces I really dont want to ruin my first-experience.
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1080P doesn't mean anything on that small of a screen and the games don't even play in that resolution anyways.

You'll be fine.

Larger screen is irrelevant if your pixel density sucks anyways.

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Seriously? All games are fine on every normal size screen...
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You owe it to yourself. It was a great experience on a large TV and surround sound. And not just those two, but every game, my man. Do it if you can, but enjoy regardless.

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No. I've played every game I own on my 24 inch HD TV and the experience isn't different in any way.

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Just get the Sony Pulse Elite headset. That will cover the sound part. I usually game on a 50" plasma, but when i wanna play in 3D i got the 20" official PS TV and it works just fine for me.