Anybody wanna play Dead Nation

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Hi Guys

Looking for anyone that wants to play Dead Nation .

I know its old but there should be someone that wants to play .

My psn id is : therealzabuza

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Thought it was local multiplayer only.

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Fun game, but thought it was only local

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You can play online as long as you have the person on your friends list

Still nobody ?

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I'd just like to point out that you don't actually have to have anyone added to your friends list to play with them online. You can just sit and wait for someone to try and connect to you or individually pick each stage to see if someone's trying to start a game further in... It doesn't seem like people play online much anymore, though. Anyways I've been playing the game lately and still have yet to beat it. My PSN is Zee-Koh and I'm adding you now if you want to play later or something.