Anybody else tempted to buy a PS4 now but wants to hold off?

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Anybody else really tempted to buy a PS4 right now but wants to hold off for reasons like backlog of ps3 games, small amount of launch games, etc.? I said that I wanted to wait 2 years but I highly doubt that will happen. I am seeing these youtube videos of what the PS4 can do and the features and seeing some trailers for future games like Uncharted and it makes me want to get a PS4 sooner than I wanted.

I am kind of hoping that walmart and target won't have these systems so soon because if I am shopping at walmart and I see this PS4 system available with some sweet demo, I don't know if I can resist and can see myself plopping down over $400 for a system and a game. With a ton of PS3 games in my backlog, I really want to be patient but it is very tempting.

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I was willing to wait for more compelling software and for them to patch in features that I like. I also assumed there would be less supply. If systems persist to sit on shelves I may have to pick one up.

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I'm just gonna wait until the slim model comes out. Way more benefits.

You get the console cheaper, more reliable hardware, normally bigger HDD, cheaper games, more games and the slim models normally come with game deals and what not. Plus it gives me time to finish my ps3 backlog.

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I'm temped as well to buy one for myself but my blacklog is just to big plus those psn games i didn't get to are calling

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Even though I have a huge backlog, I wouldn't mind buying one. The thing is, it's really not worth it now. I would rather wait for that must have game.

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@mrintro said:

Even though I have a huge backlog, I wouldn't mind buying one. The thing is, it's really not worth it now. I would rather wait for that must have game.

There is no such thing as a must-have game really. If you're looking for the best FPS experience that you can have on a console, there are already multiple must-have titles for the Playstation.

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I'm not gonna lie, I was really tempted to buy a PS4 at launch. I mean, I had fortunately saved up enough side cash for one, plus a little extra for at least one game, but I ended up using that money on something else (non gaming related).

I told myself I wasn't going to buy one, so I'm actually glad I didn't fall for that temptation. There's still a lot of things coming out on the PS3 I want. So there's no need for me hop on that next-gen bandwagon just yet.

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amazon has launch day bundles available right now as i type this

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I think I'll return mine. Not gonna be able to flip it for much so it's not worth trying. I'll buy again when they get that must have game...Uncharted, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, etc.

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I think I can wait at least two or more years, but not entirely by choice. At the moment I am not sure what to decide, even though it would be a while before I got a new console anyways or just decided to give up on video gaming altogether; I may even skip this gen if I wait too long and feel there is not much life time left in the consoles. Even though I got the PlayStation 3 at a decent time, I wasted most of the lifetime of the PlayStation 3 due to poor choices I made. I may decide to get another console instead, but whatever I decide, I would at least need to wait one year before making the decision, as at the moment I see no reason to get anything. I had already given up on the PlayStation 3 back in summer of 2011, so if I do get a PlayStation 4, I know not to make the same mistakes again.

I used to be an import video gamer, so I do not know if that is something I want to specifically get back into again or not; it will be something I will need to decide based on the amount of Japanese exclusives I see for the PlayStation 4. If I choose not to be an import video gamer again, I will simply focus on the library of video games for the PlayStation 4 in general, that I want overtime and see if that warrants a purchase of a PlayStation 4 or decide if I should look into getting something else instead.

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My reasons for not getting a PS4 is really my backlog and a few games I've yet to buy, both digital and physical. I just love my PS3.

I'll be getting one at some point next year. No rush for me.

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Get a PS vita with soul sacrifice and wait for the ps4 to have more games. I'm tempted to buy a ps3 and cross buy games for the vita

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Nope, have a huge backlog of games. Probably wait till E3 to see what hew games are coming out.