Any good Survival Horror games on PSP?

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Hi, I was wondering if there were any new Survival Horror games out, or coming out on PSP. Ofcourse I know about Silent Hill: Origins, I've already completed that one about3 times. I've also played Manhunt 2, if you can call that a survival horror... So I would just like to know if there were any other good survival horror games out on PSP, or coming out in the near future. (Besides Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.) So if you know any, plz let me know ;-)

Thanks in advance.


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Resident Evil 1 (off the PSN store), Silent Hill Origins (decent game if you forget it is a SH title), Capcom is going to release Dino Crisis 1, RE2,3 on PSN in a few months. Capcom is also working on a new RE title just for the PSP. Other than that I can't think of any other titles. Sorry TC

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Everything you mentioned is correct. But there's also Obscure : The Aftermatch coming on psp this fall...

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There is also a new parasite eve game coming out, not sure when though.
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There is a Resident Evil coming out for PSP next year.

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There is also a new parasite eve game coming out, not sure when though.3aNkabot
I forgot about the Thrid Birthday.

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Silent Hill: Origins is the only one at the moment, unless you count PS1 titles on PSN.
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and obscure dark aura coming fall 2010


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maybe you should try SH: shattered memories.. havent played that game myself

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