Another Playstation E3 Leak

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Already debunked as they have The Order on that list as a 2014 game.

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Looks fake AF.

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good list but I just don't buy it

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Yeah, anyone could have made that... and a lot of those look unlikely.

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the only thing what strikes me as it being fake is the fact that they seem to have 3 naughty dog games to be shown, i just find it very unlikely that the team is able to put people on uncharted and the last of us remastered and have enough people to be on a brand new IP.

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Everything about it looks fake.

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I hope Agent is real, and exclusive to PS4.

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they'd need about a 15 hour conference to cover all that xD

would be awesome if real. lol. but there's just no way.

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I hope syphon filter, tomb raider and uncharted is real and some surprises but I wish people stop giving away the element of surprise for the show.

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Rockstar never announces things at E3. Fake.

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Lol Uncharted 4: Curse of the sunken blade.

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Crash and Syphon Filter, huh? Yeah, and perhaps Christ himself will return to earth and excrete a small fortune and a lifetime supply of booze and good luck directly onto my lap.