Amazon app on PS4 problem

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Curious to see if anyone else is having this problem with the Amazon streaming app on the PS4.

Here's what happens: I watch a lot of shows on Amazon Prime, sometimes 2-3 in a row. I'll fire up the Amazon app and begin watching the show. I have my PS4 controller set to turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity to save battery life. When the movie or show on Amazon is over, and I turn my controller back on, none of the buttons work within the app anymore.

So, I have to hit the "home" button, start another application or restart the PS4, and then go back into Amazon to be able to select another show.

Since then, I've set my battery saving settings on the controller back to 60 minutes, so it never shuts off. I haven't had this problem before the 1.7 update, however.

Anyone else having this issue? It seems to only be like this with the Amazon app. The buttons will work fine after the controller is turned back on with every other app/game on the home screen.

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I haven't noticed this when I use Amazon app. I usually don't watch more than one episode after another though

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Wish I could help, but I found the streaming pretty horrible through Amazon so I didn't renew it.

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Wish I could help, but I found the streaming pretty horrible through Amazon so I didn't renew it.

It's gotten better since they've done a few updates. The HD shows come in perfectly with no "grainy pixels" like before. I'm using a wired connection too, so that has a lot to do with it.

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@jasean79: I've been having the same issue with the app not detecting the controller after it automatically turns off. Been searching for a solution or anyone else seeing the issue, haven't found much.

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@jasean79: I have the same issue. I don't even know where to report it.

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never had this problem and I watch an obscene amount of Nova and Downton Abbey. =P

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I've been having the same issue of late. My GF and I think it may be triggered by having more than one user logged in simultaneously, but we're not sure.

I also have the timeout set to 10 minutes, but often, it takes far longer than that to switch off while watching Amazon.