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infamous 2nd son and watch dogs are coming but i don't know. Just got a ps4. I like open world adventure games. Dislike gta and it's humor and characters though. Would i like ac4? I dont know of another game out there that's like this open world with mature story and different things to do. hate wasting money on these games too. want something enjoyable with good graphics that i can sink some time into.

I don't know what else is there. I wish they made detective games that were open world that weren't all ghetto or repetitive like la noire's gameplay. la noire had good characters and story at least. But the gameplay was just meh.

Played sleeping dogs it was ok and entertaining but too gtaish. Played all the Bethesda games too. never finished new vegas. also have ac2 here for free but never bothered to play it.

I have the ps4 running out of things to play already. Would ac4 be worth it?

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Assassin's Creed 4 is an awesome game. Graphics are top notch. If you like sailing in the open seas, plundering ships, exploring islands then this is the right game. Obviously it follows the assassins creed theme. You would deffo get your money's worth especially if you like collectibles and stuff, lots of side missions as well. Watchdogs is probably coming out in April so you can easily complete black flag by then (well depends on your play style lol), I'm currently enjoying it, working my way through the story and sailing around.

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go for it its huge and awesome game

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i just got it and am loving it. huge map to explore. there are new sealed copies on ebay for around $40

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It will keep you occupied until Second son and watch dogs comes out.

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get it

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assassins creed iv is definately worth playing. Im currently playing it myself on the ps4 and its fantastic. probably one of the best of the series. buy buy buy!!