AC4 on PS4 ... Glorious!!

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I'm so glad I saved this game for next gen. It looks awesome on PS4. Out of the three games I've got (AC4, Killzone, Madden), I think it looks the best. And the game is like crack. I've played all the big games this year, and I'd put this in the top 3 with Ni no Kuni and TLoU. There's so much fun stuff to do in terms of side quests and things, and the open world is huge when it opens up.

Having an absolute blast with it!

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I still need to get it but Im waiting to try and get it on Black Friday.

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I havent opened it yet. I will probably play it this weekend. I am Enjoying Killzone Shadow fall and just got Platinum Trophy on Resogun

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It's the game I'm decided on getting when the PS4 reaches me (which could be at least some weeks as I pre ordered way too late)

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@RiKanKiDD: platinum on resogun already? Very nice.

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I love it.... all i have been playing....