AC4 Black Flag problem cleared (please lock topic)

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I have been playing this game none stop & completed it a month ago, but as I was planing to reach 100% in assassin contract in Havana I finished the last contract but it only shows me finishing 5/6 instead of 6/6.

I decided to delete my save file and start again everything went fine with the contracts in Havana but on other islands certain contracts don't appear, I decided to progress further in the game but nothing has showed if I pick a contract and go back to choose another it doesn't show despite there is one more contract remaining on that island.

lastly which is the most important, one of the fortresses in the medium region near where you acquire your hideout doesn't show, you can anchor and land on it but you can't enter, all the fragments & chests show on the map. even when I delete the save & start again it doesn't show on the map as a location.