About Skyrim on ps3?

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#1 Posted by ristactionjakso (5795 posts) -

So we all know Skyrim was a sh!t game on ps3, but have the bugs and glitches been fixed?

And have these issues been adressed as well:

1) Save file growing with every save.

2) The camera hovering closer and closer over your shoulder in 3rd person view with every level up.

#2 Posted by Blabadon (27167 posts) -

Had no technical issues with the game other than the game itself being crappy.

#3 Posted by SgtSutton (357 posts) -

I loved the game, and didn't experience any of the bugs or glitches. I did purchase it later on, so with the updates I think it's fine.

#4 Posted by CTR360 (7171 posts) -

i love skyim i have a lot problems with my ps3 version but i love this game

#5 Posted by MondasM (1302 posts) -

i had played through skyrim when it first launched and i had finished the story, if i remember correctly, about 80% complete without any hiccups, maybe i was lucky, but it worked flawlessly for me, well there may have been a couple of freezes here and there but that happens in most of the games... :)

#6 Posted by Tqricardinho (341 posts) -

I'm on 25 hours and no problems at all...

#7 Posted by marcheegsr (2912 posts) -

I have never had a problem with skyrim on ps3. Maybe I was one of the lucky ones.

#8 Posted by LoG-Sacrament (20397 posts) -

i bought it pretty early on when the bugs were a significant issue. it works fine now though. i don't remember looking at my save file size in a while, but the symptom of the horrendous framerate is gone (it's not as smooth of CoD or something, but very playable). as for the third person camera creeping close, i've never noticed the problem myself but i play in first person.

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don't have problem with my skyrym legendary edition .... but the character design is ugly when you play it third person ....