A Realm Reborn Beta Trouble

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So, a couple of days ago I downloaded a 22 Gb file of "Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn - Beta" for PS4 of the PSN.
After the download was complete, I eagerly started the game. The game immediately started downloading some launcher, which some MMO's do, and proceeded to update the game and such. Afterwards I again started the game. I was met with the title screen and a text that read that due to ongoing maintenance the game was unavailable.

After a quick browse online, I discovered that the beta (2. beta) would start today (04.04) at 08:00 GMT. I patiently waited and got up early today. The time is now 09:24 GMT and the same message still appears. I've now noticed that the game is "unavailable" according to the PSN. I have not signed up for any beta... I thought this was a beta anyone could join. Am I wrong?

Have I missed anything?
The game just stops at the intro with the "maintenance"-message displaying under the title as that familiar FF menu-music is playing.
The game has not prompted me, or asked me, to create an account, log-in or anything, it just starts up and shows me the message while I can control a mouse-pointer with my controller.

Please give me some advice how to proceed.

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Update: Ok, this fixed itself. Sorry for wasting your time.

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I'm downloading this right now, does anyone know if this game will be a day 1 digital title?