$99.99 2TB HD for Ps4...

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I know the next gen has just started, but I buy a lot of games and download a lot as well. I pretty much used my 500GB rather quickly. I came across this, bought it and installed it. It fits perfectly, just the process of removing the 2TB HD is annoying to remove from the external casing. There is a review in the link of how to remove the hard drive carefully. For $100 this is an awesome deal!! If you have the Far Cry cover Game Informer, it explains how to remove your 500GB HD and replace it with your new one. :)

Personally I feel that this is great to have being over this generation I will need tons of space due to the size of games. Has anyone else seemed to have a space issue and considering to buy this? Hope this was some sort of help to some people!


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Meh. Most of my games are physical so I can just delete the ones I'm not playing atm. The only way I'd upgrade my HDD is if it was SS.

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Most of my games are physical copies as well. But just having to reinstall the game is annoying, depending if you need its network features. This is because you would have to download all of its updates again, in one big file.

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Target has the 2GB Seagate on sale this week for $99.99. I'm guessing that's why that price is being matched online. I bought a 1TB version for my PS3, when it was on sale for $54 like 6 months ago. I would like to pick up the 2TB for my PS4, but money is sort of tight right now. I guess I will wait until the next sale.

Anyway it's pretty easy to open the Seagate cases with a credit card type card (you just have to run it along the grove and separate the shell). It's a really easy swap out. Then you can use the 500GB HDD in the Seagate enclosure, and bam you have a 500GB Portable USB HDD.

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I've been having issues with sea gate........blast you windows 8!!!!!!!!!!!

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I bought a 1tb Hgst at a faster rpm 7,200. I notice a little difference with games loading faster. But, if you get a 1tb solid state drive omg stuff would load crazy fast.

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I installed a 1TB HD on my ps4 2 days ago. I wish I had found that 2TB drive. Amazon didn't ship to canada, and I couldn't find in any store

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Hmmm,looks like it might be time for me to upgrade my HDD

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I won't upgrade again until a 10TB is out. Reinstalling everything is such a pain.

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@Star_Skywalker: I agree that seemed like a pain having to have the ps4 re download everything. The games that took the longest are the digitally purchased games. All the ones I had a disc for didn't take as long. But, I guess it is what it is set the downloads up and put in standby while you drink a 40 oz.