PS3 controller compatible with PS2?

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I need to get a new controller for my PS2 and was wondering if the PS3 controller would work because I like the wireless capability.  The front of the PS2 has USB slots so that is why I was curious.
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No, it won't work.
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I recommend going for a logitech brand ps2 controller.

Or, if you're really into the tilt/no-rumble option, there's a TiltSense controller for PS2 available. i don't remember who makes it but it's at Best Buy. This one would also be cheaper. I believe it's about $30, compared to the $50 Logitech one (really good controller though, well worth $50)

and i highly recommend getting rechargeable AAs and a charger.

ACTUALLY come to think of it, i recall seeing a wireless PS2 controller at EB the other day that i almost bought. i dont remember how much it was, but it can charge via usb just like the 360/PS3 controllers. Looks kinda ugly, though.