How Much Do You Think Gamestop Will Give Me For...

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How much money do you think gamestop would give me for my working ps2, along with 27 used ps2 games (all working condition)? I'm trying to get a ps3 and i really need the extra cash, so if anyone could give me an estimate on how much money i could get, that'd be awesome.
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whats the list of games?? If you have time to spare I would put the games on ebay. They have suprised me with how much they have given me for games i thought were crappy lol.
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Sell them on Ebay. You'll get loads more money then trading it in.
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$2 just kidding uh it depeneds what games
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Not even close. You're probably looking at under 100. Not to sway you but...don't get a PS3 right now, you'll live without one until there is a better library and a price drop, if that ever happens. EB is going to rip you off hardcore. Try and go elsewhere if you really really wanna sell your stuff and just get cash for it. Game stores will never give you a fraction of what your stuff is worth, don't let them sucker you in.
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the way Ebgames value buybacks its lucky if you get most games at 2-4$ Used consoles they sell for $100. So chances are you'll get offered at 40-50 range. Your better off selling it on Ebay.
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You'll get next to nothing for PS2 games. They give people less than $10 "oldish" 360 games, PS2 games are like $4 a pop. Ebay them.
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depending on the game youll 5-10 dollars, for your ps2 youll probably get 30, so all together youd get, at most if for some reason all the games came out to 10 bucks, 300,  but i dought your games are even new enough so you might get somewhere around 200