Bully Worth Academy

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:wink:what's the positive & the negative things in Bully:wink:
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alot of lil missions sum are fun the rest sucked

bully is kind of kiddish game its not as great as it was reviewed i give it a 7.7

has not much replay value i recommend ffxii if your gonna spend 40 bucks

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lol, so if I just happen to have $40 in my pocket I should buy it?
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lol, so if I just happen to have $40 in my pocket I should buy it?Psyfon
no, Just rent it, you can finish it in a week.
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Capturing the feel of being a school kid.

Some of the missions are very easy.

Varieties in the missions which,  some are very original in ideas therefore is fresh and fun to play at the same time.

Small map which means, not much to do in spare time, you will go after the story missions more often then GTA therefore competing the game faster than you would expect.


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Where do you find the go kart after completing all the go kart races I tried everything.
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You can finish Bully in 3 days I guess. Go for Okami or FFXII It's a great game, but some missions get boring. It's sort of like GTA in a school, but it's annoying being constantly wanted for "truancy" and stuff.