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So I play Xbox in my room and its a wired connection. I have a big TV in the living room that I like to play Halo on. Now I noticed that when I play online on the big TV over wifi it seems to be delayed a tad bit, I play games pretty quick and sometimes the target won't turn as fast as I play. When I play wifi on my small one it'll be just fine. My question is, does the delay happen because I'm on a bigger TV? Or because sometimes the connection is weak I sometimes play on the big TV and notice that I haven't complained about any delay.
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Could be the response time of your big TV which is slower. Could be a bad connection in Halo 4, you said sometimes you don't notice any delay? Could be bad wifi but you shouldn't really notice unless you have a weak signal, you can check if you have a good signal in your xbox settings I think.
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Will do thanks!
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Could you clarify what you mean by the targets won't turn as fast as you play? Are you seeing lag from your controller input or lag of the other players in a multiplayer match?