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I bought the witcher 2 last year . I did not like it all .

I started playing it again about month ago with xbox gamepad . I love this game highly . I did not like K/M on this game .

Will my ? is

Steam has witcher enhanced edition on sale $ 2.49 . is this a good game to pick up ?


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I liked The Witcher 1 a lot more than The Witcher 2. They're really different games if you go down the list. Even on the surface, they are visually a generation gap away and the control schemes are vastly different; not the same at all. Hell, even the main plot touches on different stories of The Witcher Universe with very few bridges that can be seen connected. But like I said, The Witcher 1 is clearly the better game, speaking from a huge Witcher fan. I have also read all the translated books.

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I liked The Witcher 1 just some pacing issues that got on my nerves a bit. Like having to run all over that map just so you could make it night time so you could do something. That's one massive change they did in 2. So much better being able to meditate when ever you please.

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I liked the Witcher 1 more than 2 although both games have some of the worst combat to ever grace a RPG. Hopefully, the third times the charm, but I'm not holding my breath.

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You wont like it. The world, characters are tone are very much the same. The combat system is very different though.

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I went and bought it . I figure the cost wont break the bank . I really like w2. I'll play witcher ,then pick up w3

thanks all

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Both games are good equallty to me, never finished any of them though.