Will this build play up to date games maxed out?

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As the title sais. Will this build play up to date games maxed out?

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Yes but not for very long? maybe a year. it will lag in some games. not worth the money by any means.

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Thanks I didn't think so. Way over priced.

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Overpriced, overkill for even high-end gaming. You can do better, pay less, save money.

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  1. Getting full tower for 1 GPU is stupid.
  2. i7 is overkill, specially 4820 module
  3. RAM is only 1333Mhz, nowdays recommended is at least 1600
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Yes it will play games on max or close to max for a couple of years ( of course a game like star citizen dont expect to max it since the devs said something in the lines of gtx770 will be enough for medium )

Having said that its way overpriced. You can build something that comes within 90-95% of its performance for 800-900 pounds