Why my PC isnt recognizing as a Wired Connection?!

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For some reason my PC is only recognizing my router (that IS in fact WIRED into the PC with ethernet) as a wireless connection, it refuses to acknowledge it as a wired connection. My PS4/PS3/XB360/XBONE/WiiU all of them recognize as being Wired.

Does anybody have any troubleshooting tips for me here?

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Well I just tried to download the WAN drivers, then it told me I needed the Intel Network Connections SNMP Agent so I downloaded that, now in order to install that it says i need the IPMI Baseboard management controller.

So then I said screw it.

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WAN drivers? what the hell did you just download? your router/modem connects to WAN, not your PC.

are you sure you have the proper network drivers installed for your motherboard (downloadable from your motherboard manufacturers site, but you need to know the model first)? i assume you have integrated network adapter.

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Uninstall your router/modem and reboot your machine (and anything else you've put on while trying to remedy it), Windows should find it and re-initialise it.

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Sounds like fishy ethernet card (or port as it were) drivers. What type of NIC do you have, a stand alone card (If so, whats the make/model) or is it built into the motherboard (if so, what motherboard do you have)?