Which game control setting do you prefer about key of getting a item?

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#1 Posted by NDKKK (25 posts) -
1. key on the keyboard, such as E, F, G.... 2. key on the mouse, such as left mouse botton.... which these do you prefer??? genre of game is Action and Horror and FPS p.s. ::: 1. If you touch to a item, key guide does not appear. 2. Left mouse botton, already, be used, as a vitalization-key of object such as opening the door, turning on the TV.
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poor thread, but E

#3 Posted by DanielDust (15402 posts) -

poor thread, but E

This, E or F is pretty standard these days.
#4 Posted by Ant0n89 (665 posts) -
The "use" key? E
#5 Posted by DJ_Headshot (6292 posts) -
E mostly followed by F sometimes I've mapped it to my side mouse button of the middle mouse button.
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umm one of my 12 buttons on side of my mouse works...
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Tends to use the Spacebar, since my mouse are set up to movement, like jump duck and such (apart from fire on the left mouse butten, and secondary fire on one of the side butens)

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I prefer either E or F. Since I use a non gaming mouse my mouse buttons are used for attack/block or attack/melee.