Which Fallout 3 graphics mods should I get?

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I'm having trouble finding an ENB that I like. The most popular one seems to be the Midhrastic ENB, but I hate the way it looks. If there is another one out there (or a combination of graphics mods) that don't have too much bloom, that would be great. Let me know what works for you guys (or anyone that's played Fallout 3 with improved graphics, I should say).


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Didn't need a graphical mod to me, I thought it looked fine, but a quick internet search found this: http://www.pcgamer.com/2010/10/13/10-essential-fallout-3-mods/

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It still holds up alright without graphical mods. I was just curious to see if there were any good ones out that give the game some extra pizzazz. I know the ones that are out for Skyrim are fantastic. I was just wondering if Fallout 3 had anything like that.

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I've replayed Fallout 3 GOTY a month ago on max and it still looked pretty decent, graphic mod,sometimes overload too much compared to the visual results you're getting.

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@TheFatPerson: There are some amazing FO3 graphics mods. But, I also haven't seen a really great ENB for it. Just use one of the other, non-ENB lighting mods, plus some massive textures, and added effects. Browse the top files list at the Nexus site.

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There are mods that will make fallout 3 look AMAZING like drop dead gorgeous. I forgot the names ahh when i find it ill post