What files are these, can I delete them?

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Hello everyone

Need some advice about the files shown highlighted in the picture below. I have a computer with both an SSD and HDD, I installed windows 8.1, my main programs and games on my SSD (C:) and all my other files go on the HDD. (D:)

I have a funny feeling they relate to the Windows installation as they are almost 1GB and therefore terrified of deleting them even though they are temporary .tmp files.

Google does not recognise the file name at all, any ideas?

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If they're in use then it wont let you delete them anyway.

They are probably just error logs/dump files from installing windows. I wouldn't worry just delete. They might even disappear on their own after a few restarts.

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.tmp files will delete themselves. They are temporary files allocated to complete an install. Each .tmp file has it's own identifier, making diagnostics easier - so it's no surprise google had nothing for you.

Drives are never empty and nothing is ever deleted. It's either indexed, or not indexed.
In short: go play your damn games and stop browsing system files :P

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Probably memory dumps from crashes. Yes safe to delete.