Want to buy a mid range graphics card

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Right now I am into a dilemma. There are two gfx card available for me now. One is ati HD 7750 and another one is GTX 650. Which one should I pick. Please do not recommend any other card(I have to pick one of them and I don't have any other optinon). And please tell me are they good for gaming. I know that none of them are very decent but can they handle new games on mid setting. My current rig is

AMD phenom II X4 3.6GHz


HDD Hitachi 1TB sata.

Samsung 17'' CRT monitor(Native screen resulation 1024X768)

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hd 7750 this being said if you shop amazon:




both better both about the same money

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The may be mid-low end cards, but if you're still playing at 1024x768 they will be fine.