Videocard Upgrade Question

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#1 Posted by KCasimiro (25 posts) -

I currently have an AMD 5850 card.

Will it be worth upgrading to an amd r9 270? I can get the card around for $160ish

#2 Posted by Importz2k1 (25 posts) -

Absolutely! That's a nice upgrade between the two and at a good price also.

#3 Posted by PredatorRules (8996 posts) -

For 150$ yes, not for 200$

#4 Posted by kungfool69 (2583 posts) -

@kcasimiro: those 260x look like a tasty upgrade from my 5770 without over shooting (they cost $190AU, i payed $215 for my 5770 2-3 years ago)