Vcore Temperature issues

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Hello Everyone,

I'm not a big computer builder, but I have been upgrading my computer since I built it 2 years ago. At the beginning of February I upgraded my Motherboard, CPU, and CPU Cooler. Before I had the Asus Sabertooth 990FX Version 1 Motherboard with a 3.4 GHZ Processor and a standard Cooler Master V6 GT CPU Cooler

After I upgraded to the Vishera 4.0 Ghz Processor and to the Sabertooth 990FX R 2.0 and to the Cooler Master Seidon 120V Liquid Cooler I had some problems occur a couple of days ago. I do notice some possible troubles while I'm playing Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. That is where the temperatures build up to the 60s fastest

My Vcore 1 reached up to 65 Degrees C while Vcore 2 reached up to 63 while the CPU chilled out at 48. the Volts is at standard settings. Now mind you I don't overclock, but I plan on to in the future. These are all on auto settings and I haven't messed with anything in BIOS since I built the computer. A friend of mine who helped me build this computer 2 years ago said that it might be the lack of Air flow but these problems just occurred just recently in the past couple days. I'm looking for help and hope anyone can answer what might be the problem. I will have a list of my PC specs below. Thank you in advanced

I am reading these temps from the ASUS AI Suite II

PC Spec:

XION Predator Gaming Series Mid Tower PC case

Western Digital Caviar Blue 500 GB HDD

ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R 2.0 Motherboard

AMD FX-8350 Vishera 4.0 Ghz 8 core processor

Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3Gb

Corsair Vengeance 16Gb RAM

Cooler Master Seidon 120V CPU Liquid Water Cooler

Seagate Backup Plus 500Gb Backup Portable Hard Drive

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You have an issue with terminology that I want to make sure to clarify. Are you saying each core has an independent temp reading? Because Vcore stand for core voltage and is a measurement of how much energy is going to the CPU (measured in volts), not temperature. Now that said, 48C under load is not bad for a CPU, but anything over 60-65 is in the danger zone. On a liquid cooler there should really be no reason temps are going above 50C even mildly overclocked. So my guess is that a) the MB is misreporting temp to your monitoring software, b) the BIOS is overvolting your CPU (a common occurrence) and that is causing temp issues under load, mine was overvolting my i5 by nearly 15mV at one point, c) you didn't seat the CPU sink for the watercooler properly or didn't use enough thermal paste when it was installed and/or it moved since then, d) the flow rate on the water cooler is low or the radiator is too close to something hot to discharge heat effectively.

I would work on them in that order. Start by downloading Prime95 or something similar and run a mixed benchmark and watch the temp. See if you can reproduce it under heavy load. If you can't I would start looking at the other options.

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Thank you for replying I decided I would upload the picture of the program the temps are fine when not gaming, but as you can see you can see the CPU temps and as you go down there is Vcore-1 and Vcore-2

These temps are when just sitting idle and running only my web browser and Skype. The CPU Temps can reach up to 50C and the Vcores-1 and 2 reaching up to the 60s while the Volts is staying at it's regular settings while I'm playing a game. I do have my liquid cooler blowing air from inside the case through the radiator and out the case using my back case fan. I will be trying out your options SerOlmy later tonight when I get home Thank you so much for replying.

I hope the picture is clear for you to see.

If you need me to I can upload a pic for when the temps hit their peak

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I'm not sure what probe software that is but it is reporting temps wierd. I have no idea what the core 1 and 2 is in terms of temp. The important one is the CPU temp, if it is spiking above 50C under load with a water cooler something is wrong. Try running Prime95 mixed and seeing how high it goes, if it spikes near 55-60 stop the test.

The voltages look fine based on what I just looked up (side note, damn AMD chips need a lot higher voltage than my i5), so that shouldn't be an issue. If you can reproduce the temp spike using Prime95 then I would try cleaning (with rubbing alcohol) the paste off the CPU/heatsink and reapplying the thermal paste and reseating it. If that doesn't fix it call whoever made your cooler and complain. It is possible, but unlikely a bad pump/circulation. Last option is you got a lemon CPU, but that seems unlikely if you aren't getting errors/BSoD.

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Upon stress testing it with Prime 95 for about 20 minutes the CPU Temp reached 49C but it didn't exceed past 50C After looking at the temps while gaming with a friend I noticed a difference in the temps compared to what I usually play. Me and him were playing Killing Floor and the temps stuck around 39-40C on the CPU, but this could also mean since my room is cooler during the night it would be something like that. I will look see if the temps exceed past 50C while playing Final Fantasy XIV Online today. I figure it might be the Thermal Paste or I didn't mount the water block of my Liquid cooler right on the CPU. We will see.

Also this was the Asus AI Suite 2. It's a program that came with my Sabertooth Motherboard

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That is not uncommon. Many games will not use all the cores (especially on a 8 core CPU) since they are poorly multithreaded. Some will not even tax a couple of cores to max speed. What you are seeing in Killing Floor is an older game engine on much newer hardware that doesn't even come close to utilizing more than one or two cores. So the temp on games like this will be much lower. However FF:ARR is much more demanding and will utilize more cores and at a higher percentage of max. I don't know how the voltage stepping/throttling works on AMD CPUs, but I know on Intel they will overclock dynamically by 10% or so under heavy load. Prime95 should be more than enough to max out your CPU. If it says you are utilizing all 8 cores and all threads and after 20 minutes it is still around 50C that seems reasonable.

I am unsure what could be causing it to go over that when you are playing FF. I seem to remember another post months ago that was having a similar issue with that game. In all likelihood FF:ARR is just poorly optimized and making your CPU shit a brick. Most engines from that era (Rift, TOR, FFXIV, etc) are ridiculously CPU limited since they have to pander to the lowest common denominator in terms of GPU. So they are often offloading calculations that the GPU could do much easier to the CPU since most buyers just have whatever is the cheapest, off-brand, PoS GPU the factory had on hand when they assembled it.

As you said, try reseating the CPU heatsink since that is an easy fix. Don't use too much paste (1 BB sized drop), and make sure you watch a youtube vid on proper spreading. Also don't be cheap on the paste, get Arctic Silver or something similar, the stuff they give you for free has a terrible thermal coefficient

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During a 3 hour session of FF:ARR I ended up getting 49C on my CPU the VCores 1 and 2 stayed roughly between 57-60C I only have the Cooler Master Thermal Paste that came with my liquid cooler in my possession I will order some Arctic Silver or another brand and see where it will lead me. I do have to think I did mess up somewhere on the mounting of the cooler during the time I was installing the new hardware so we will try our options.

I will have my friend help me with the reseating of my heatsink and I will get back to you on it. I will order some Arctic Silver Paste this week and will remount it again when I get it. I do have a few case fans and fan controller hardware coming in Wednesday so we will see if that will help keep things cool inside the case with the better airflow as well. I will be back as soon as I can with the new temp numbers after the reseating, case fans, and new stress test tomorrow.

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I have a FX-8120 on an Asrock motherboard that also has a habit of extremely high vcore temperatures like yours. In my case it was the mobo reading things incorrectly, and i just ignore the readings now. But definitely make sure that everything is working correctly before assuming your motherboard is just reading things badly.

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Sorry for the late post.

My friend and I installed 3 fans (2 blowing air inside the side from the side of case. 1 blowing outside the top of the case) We also remounted the CPU Heat sink and applied new thermal paste. We then installed the new fan controller so I can have better control of fan speeds. We decided to put the Computer through a full 100% stress test and maximum temperatures. We reached up to 60C on the CPU before we stopped the test. The temps dropped down faster than we thought they would.

I decided to run FFXIV:ARR and give that the stress test. Turns out that the game uses up almost 50% of my CPU and the temps went up to between 55-57C on CPU temps. I know the liquid cooler is working since temps go down below 40C while not running anything except my web browser. I believe it's either the Game causing more stress on my CPU or it's the Mobo reading the temps wrong. I have concluded it has to be one of those two things. My friend told me that AMD CPUs run hotter than Intels since they use more voltage which going back to your post SerOlmy I can see how that is.

I will keep posting, but we have concluded that it's either the Game or the Mobo reading temps wrong is our answer to the temps looking so high.

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if ur new tests only hit 60c under stress u are good i'd say.

I have an amd 8 core fx-8210 overclocked to around 4ghz just on its stock fan which has been running 24hrs a day at 60-80% cpu usage for a security monitoring pc and its running solid as the day i built it for almost 2 years now... and its temps are mid 60s sometimes at peak... so if my crap cpu hasnt died yet, you have nothing to fear for yours.

And another cpu i have is an intel 4770k gets up to 80c under full stress and i have no problems with stability... but its thermal limit is 100c so i have room to spare yet. Its not under much stress though, normal gaming it only gets up to around 45-50c. I heard people say the fx cpus shouldnt go over 65c or so, but i've run them over 70-75c without problems.

Amd's horrible newer power hog cpu fx-9590 runs super hot... so i'd think under 70c for ur chip is good. anyone seen the reviews on this crap? it must be the worst cpu ever built, runs hot and uses almost 3 times the power of the 4770k

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Nicecall you are right and SerOlmy thank you so much for your help.

My friend and I concluded that it was the Game and partially the Mobos fault, but it all falls onto FFXIV:ARR because it's obsession in CPU power. Above all my games it's the most demanding out of my hardware. While playing 4-5 hours straight I stayed at 55C basically more than 80% of the time. And with the new air flow the Vcores did no reach 60C. Although this all has to tie down to the CPU. I can conclude that you need a really good cooling system/air flow with the FX Chips to compete with their power consumption/heating.

I hope that anyone who experiences these problems in the future will find this post and know what they will need. I was running my fans at 100% with my fan controller so this has also helped keep everything cooled down.

Thanks again for the help everyone. :)

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Don't trust that software TC.

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Yeah as long as it doesn't go above 60C you should be ok. I'm just using 60-65C out of an abundance of caution (GPUs can usually handle much higher temps, upto 80C). The manufacturers usually state that as the max safe temp anything over that might cause issues. To me it just seems weird that it is idling at 40C. My i5 idles at 32C and peaks at 50 and it is overclocked by 10% or so. I am beginning to think it might be the monitoring software as well. Asus has notoriously crappy monitoring software (I had Asus Probe II on my old build that would constantly freeze on shutdown and take forever to load on startup). Next time you boot up, boot into BIOS and see what it says the idle temp is. If it is way lower than the monitoring software usually says, then I wouldn't worry.