Tibia OT Players! - Adaptera.se RL Map 8.6 Server!

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Hello everyone! Be ready on monday to login and PG, WAR, RPG, Whatever you like!!! I have been working day and night compiling, editing, mapping, configurating, adding, crying, screaming and FINALLY the server is READY to go!!! Giving everyone a fair chance after the party weekend on MONDAY the 12TH the server will start at 6PM SWEDISH TIME, there is a countdown clock for everyone not living in sweden! What are you waiting for, login to create your account! Be ready to login and be the first to reach level 100 perhaps?! The server is a REAL MAP which includes, Gengia and Oken, unfortunatly not Pyre for all of you Pyrelovers!! The server is hosted in sweden! This server is 8.6 which means no swap system in pvp. --->www.adaptera.se<--- These are the following exp stages: 1-50 : 350x 51-80 : 250x 81-100 : 200x 101-130 : 180x 131-150 : 100x 151-160 : 40x 161-170 : 20x 171-180 : 15x 181-190 : 8x 191-200 : 4x 201-210 : 2x 211+ : 1.5x And it continues! Do you have a team looking for a new server to war on?, this might be the perfect server for you! At levels 190, 220 and 230 you'll gain premium points to use in our shop. Sincerly, Vingo!! The server starts on monday at 6:00 GMT+1 (SWEDISH TIME), there is a countdown on the website!!
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Noooooooo! Play the real version instead. Private servers for mmorpgs sucks! :cool:

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Noooooooo! Play the real version instead. Private servers for mmorpgs sucks! :cool:


Honestly, after getting banned from Lineage2 for botting (the only damn way I could see to keep up with some of these MMO freaks lol) I went to a private server. The private server was so much better. 7x experience, new content, active owners, etc.

Then everything got shut down and the servers website linked directly to the FBIs copyright laws webpage. :lol: