Thinking of overclocking 3770k at stock heatsink>Help Please

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#1 Posted by fearhome21 (340 posts) -

Hello today im going to get my 3770k with my Asus Maximus V Gene motherboard,the 3770k will be at stock Ghz 3,5 Ghz Lga 1155
So if i try to oc it to 4 Ghz with the stock cooler will it be fine at all? Thanks

#2 Posted by way2funny (4570 posts) -

I wouldn't really recomennd it. If you overclock you really would want a better cooler.

#3 Posted by JigglyWiggly_ (23931 posts) -
You should be able to do 4.2ghz without issue. It will get loud under load though.
#4 Posted by C_Rule (9813 posts) -
3770K turbos to 3.9GHz, so overclocking to 4GHz won't achieve much.
#5 Posted by fearhome21 (340 posts) -

how i enable turbo then?

#6 Posted by C_Rule (9813 posts) -

how i enable turbo then?

Should be enabled by default.
#7 Posted by kraken2109 (13255 posts) -

how i enable turbo then?

Should be enabled by default.

Remember turbo only works when tdp/temp allows, so an overclock would be more consistent. Either way, not a good idea on stock cooler
#8 Posted by Truth_Hurts_U (9574 posts) -

Bad idea... And turbo works based on cores used. If 1 then 3.9 if 2 then 3.8, 3 3.7, 4 3.6.

If you have no idea how to overclock on top of that then you your asking for trouble.

#9 Posted by C_Rule (9813 posts) -

Bad idea... And turbo works based on cores used. If 1 then 3.9 if 2 then 3.8, 3 3.7, 4 3.6.

Forgot about that part.
#10 Posted by Postmortem123 (7718 posts) -

Don't bother on the stock heatsink.

#11 Posted by GamerwillzPS (8531 posts) -

You certainly should get a better cooler if you plan on overclocking.

#12 Posted by V4LENT1NE (12897 posts) -
I am sure if you can afford a 3770k you can afford to buy a decent cooler.
#13 Posted by Yagnav (6107 posts) -
What do you want to OC for anyway ? If it's just gaming I'd doubt you'd see a drastic change between 3.8ghz (turbo) and 4ghz. But on that MVG if you're pushing 4.5 at least, then we're talking. Get a decent aftermarket cooler. MVG + 3770k stock is a criminal waste.....
#14 Posted by Kendog87 (1111 posts) -

I wouldnt OC on stock cooler.

Also there is probably no reason to OC so little for zero gain.

Edit: sure overlocking is fun but get an aftermarket cooler and do some research before you do it for the first time.

#15 Posted by achilles614 (4909 posts) -
I would get a better cooler just because lower temps=lower power consumption. Which makes overclocking easier.