There's no volume on my computer, and nothing is muted..

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My computer worked fine a couple hours ago when I was on it. When I turned it on, theres magicly no volume anymore. I have headphones plugged into the front audio jack, and speakers plugged into the back audio jack. (The way it's always been.) And no volume comes out of anything.

I checked the Volume tab, it's not muted, it's at 100 volume. My headphone volume isn't off either, youtube videos don't make any noise, even though they're at max volume also... I checked everything. But for some reason, everything is muted, EXCEPT skype..... When I logged into Skype, it made the log in noise. And when I call people it makes the ring noise, and I hear people's voices perfectly fine. But everything else is off.

I tried playing videos with just speakers, and no headphones plugged in also. Didn't work.

Help please :\