The Typing of The Dead: Overkill releases on Steam.

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#1 Posted by JangoWuzHere (17476 posts) -

Is it any good? I remember playing the shooter version of overkill and was bored to tears. Maybe replacing guns with keyboards will make the experience a whole lot better.

#2 Posted by Byshop (12900 posts) -

SWEET! Thanks for the heads up. Finally an updated version of this game that I used to have to futz with compatibility settings just to get running.


#3 Posted by madrocketeer (2645 posts) -

Damnit. I loved the original The Typing of the Dead, what with its brilliantly unique "Type Or Die" gameplay and its goofy battery-powered Dreamcast backpacks. This would be a perfect impulse buy if I hadn't already blown my entire October budget on Spelunky, DmC, the first two Batman Arkham games, Deus Ex: HR Director's Cut and Saints Row IV.

So, as much as I really want to buy this game, I have to wishlist it and hope the 50% off deal returns in Winter or something. Gah.

That's my thought. I hope that helps.