The next great MMO??

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I was curious as to what is suppose to be the next great mmo.. played WoW it was awesome but i wore it out.. i heard Warhammer is suppose to be pretty good but ive heard opposite about it as well.
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I am hopin Age of Conan will be. Only one that looks like it has shot imo.
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Age of Conan looks the most promising at the moment.
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This could be the next big thing.Isn't it a mmo/rpg/shooter? As popular as shooters are I think the next big mmo could easily be a hybrid shooter/rpg. Any other mmo/shooters coming out?

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Age of Conan is most promising in the near future because sadly, Warhammer Online will be a WoW clone. Mythic is to scared to make it different enough.

Now, Darkfall, even though it is a long way off, I personally think will be the best mmo ever made at that point unless someone announces something between now and when that comes out.

I also have high hopes about the Warhammer 40k MMO they announced.

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Warhammer online. I dont care what anyone says, this game has a chance to be better then WoW, which i hate btw.

Darkfall online. Once this game comes out, every developer should just give up.

I have some buddies of mine who were in AoC beta, and said it was nothing short of horrible. It wont be as bad as a launch as Vanguard, but it deffinetly wont live up to its hype.

And finally, im actually sort of lookin forward to Aion.

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the bioware one.
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IMO, here is the "great list".

BioWare MMO; 25% of outdoing WoW. A few years ago, I would have been sure they would have outdone WoW, I guess I am becoming either Jade, realist, or just see some recents changes which are not as great as they should be. Their reputation is their best advantage.

StarGate World; 3% of outdoing WoW. IF they understand everything they claims, and IF all is done amazingly, we could be pleasantly surprised there.

Aion; won't outdo WoW. But it still can be amazing and great. Having all players on the same setting of rules (PvPvE), I just don't see how they will pull that one out...I want them to surprised me for the better however.

Champions Online; 1% of outdoing WoW. These are perhaps the best devs on the current MMO market. They have very little marketing, they have a game which is set in superheroes, they are ultra pro-casuals (much more than WoW)...their game will be a financial success, I just wish it would be all it could be.

Citadel of Sorcery; fractions of 1% of outdoing WoW. Design is impressive on paper (would have more % than any other game if I only judge the design of each project). I long to see that in action.

EverQuest 3 (or another title with Norrath names in it, which would be a GOOD sign IMO as it would mean they don't follow in the design direction of EQ or EQ2), SoE hasn't announced it yet...but EQ was released in 1999 and EQ2 in 2003...we are in 2008 and they have only 2 titles which are successfull in all their doesn't take a genius to figure out that EQ3 is coming out "soon". They prolly get extra time with Vanguard release. I don't believe SoE learns and will make it what it should be...but eh, maybe they did. They are responsible for making the MMOs what they are today, so if for 1 moment they can understand that this year they will move from 3rd MMO devs to the 5th place, maybe they can humbly adapt and make something amazing. Their best advantage is their marketing team and the visibility they will get, no matter if they release the foot-MMO, peoples would acknowledge it and read what the game is about. Maybe they would "try" a medieval setting of CoX, and that would freaking rock if for once, they can just let's us group free from other gameplays.

Imperator, if Mythic resume this game and remains true to their original design...15% of outdoing WoW. (WAR will not outdo WoW) This % can fluctuate a lot, since the design was put on the shelves, I am considering this as if they don't try to change everything they announced for that game.

Hero's Journey, 20% of outdoing WoW! Coming in 2020! :P

These % reflect my opinion and are based on my feelings about the market and everything. I didn't make an extensive study! :P

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Star Trek Online!!!!


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Age of Conan.
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I seriously wonder if Darkfall will ever come out. To me it seems like the Duke Nukem Forever of the mmo genre.

If we are talking about which will be more popular than wow. I don't know it will probably be some piece of crap.

A good mmo though might be CCP's New Whitewolf mmo that they may be developing as we speak. A World of Darkness mmo is a good idea. CCP developing it seems like its going to be a great game.

Other possibly great games.

Chronicles of Spellborn

The Secret World


...I had a long list to go right here but I can't remember the rest.

If you want a great mmo now that beats Wow and everything it stands for with a tire iron play Kingdom of Loathing.

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Age of Conan

Darkfall looks great but it might even come out in 2012. I doubt it looks so great then.

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for 08, Age of Conand and Warhammer Online are expected to be the biggest mmo

age of conan has tons of great feature, goes deep into the pvp evolution, deep in the skills you need to developpe ... but ONE thing might ruin all the game : if the guild vs guild just ends up being: "the biggest guild owns them all" (and not the best one) ... it could end up as a desarter

warhammer ... it's more WoW like, but goes deeper with a new/more advanced questing system ... and ALL the world will be some RvR (or PvP) environnement .... it all looks promising, eccept for the graphics which are terrible

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Star Trek Online!!!!


I'm quite positive that by the time that even see's daylight WoW will have been outdone somehow.
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Nothing shown so far, all just crap clones of what already exists, AOC and WAR will be flops in terms of the subs they expect. The next great MMO will be one from a major company like Bethesda or Bioware or Blizzard.
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Age of Conan by faar but i hate all TPS on pc it sucks ass the controll scheme is horrible after all TPS was created for consoll so i will get it for 360.
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whatever MMO bioware are making, although it will be there first MMO im confident that it will be great.

im sure they will deal with the whole leveling thing well, in all there games iv played NWN1 & 2 + expansions, KOTOR 1 & 2, mass effect, jade empire etc i have never felt that i have been grinding through levels. the storys and quests are usually interesting enough to take your mind away from the fact that your only really doing them for XP.

anyway who says a company's first MMO cant be great, although i cant stand it personally WoW was blizzards first MMO and its not done to bad :)

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Whatever Blizzard and Bioware are working on right now will be the next great MMOs.
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Dragonball Z Online

I have high hopes for it purely because i love the dragonball universe. and no matter how bad it may be, i will still give it a go.

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Dragonball Z Online

I have high hopes for it purely because i love the dragonball universe. and no matter how bad it may be, i will still give it a go.


haha never knew there was a DBZ MMO in development, will certainly give that a try if it does come out.

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AOC will be the biggest hit of the year for MMO's. WO doesnt come out until the 4th quarter now. So you looking at big black friday or cristmass sales for that game. That to late in the year to be compared to a game that will have a 5 or 6 month head start. I was addicted to WoW for 3 years. I am ready for Blizz to be dethroned. TBC Killed WoW IMO.
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DFO ( Darkfall online ) definately
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Age of conan
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Age of Conan imo :D
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Hopefully huxley will be good, if it is ever released. I woul love a MMOFPS!
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I have alot of friends that were in AoC beta and they said it was a complete letdown.

Alot of it is instanced, there isnt much skill needed, and there isn't anything groundbreaking coming from this one. Only the graphics make this game stand out. I was really stoked about AoC, and feel bad for the devs once release comes. But hey, maybe im wrong. I support any game that "tries" to push the envelope.

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I'm really looking forward to Age of Conan myself, looks like it will try to deliver the total package of PVE and PVP along with some nice steps forward in terms of graphics and gameplay. Think Warhammer has the biggest chance of stepping in on WoW's market, though. Have already preordered both out of sheer good faith that they'll be worth playing at least to the level cap. I'm a big PVP fan, and the class selection in WAR looks extemely interesting, I hope Mythic can get 24 classes balance properly, Blizzard has had a hard enough time with 10.

All-in-all I think the MMO genre will at least start heading in the right direction this year, WoW paved the way over the past couple of years, now other developers have to find a way to outshine it.

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Well i had high hopes for WO but the whole having to stand still and fight kinda pisses me off...Age of conan was my next choice but after reading but the guys above said kinda thinking of changing my mind....
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The problem is that everything is compared against WoW. I know its THE MMORPG out there, but I think that MMO's need to be looked at for what they are. But I suppose this happens with all genres.

Guild Wars 2 anyone?

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Champions Online, of course.

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Guild Wars 2!
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well considering the fact we got 4 great MMO's coming out this year doubt the expack will save WoW.

Warhammer-exactly like WoW,crappy graphics,and the whole standing still combat is boring.

AoC-great graphics,decapitation is a great addition,but it still looks a little boring

Aion-has the best graphics out of the 3,havent heard a lot about it

but none will really replace wow cuz WoW added a lot of cool stuff.I.E. halloween,christmas events and i doubt theyll do that in AoC

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Aion looks good just for the unique world and such. Instead of the world takng place on a horizontal plane like most fantasy games. You know where you look at the map and the world looks flat, this will be mroe vertical. The world is more like a globe thats divdied down the middle. One part is bright and sunny a sort of paradise, the other side dark and gloomy the helllish side. And because of this many places in the game are only reached by flying there. Everyone has the ability to fly.
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Champion Online will survive, but it wont be anything groundbreaking, not everyone likes that comic book look, however i will check into myself as it becomes more developed

Age of Conan has potential, and i was really going for it but i honestly dont think its gonna be great, it could leave alot of people disapointed if there were alot of glitches as well as unstable servers. Some rigs also wont be able to play it.

Warhammer will suceed imo because of the amount of competition as well as pve and lore there is involved in the game, Warhammer is NOT a warcraft clone, warhammer goes farther back than warcraft ever did, every mmo is essentially clones in general, i mean your fighting with swords, and its periods set similar to our dark age, so what is so different from wow and eq1? features may be, but the idea remains the same.

Development of the game is an entire different story, but warhammer is doing well in that area as well.

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WAR has promise.
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AoC has one major drawback that will keep it from getting huge WoW-like numbers: System requirements

You need a pretty decent machine to run AoC, and we all know that the higher the requirements, the smaller the pool of potential customers. They are shooting themselves in the foot really.

For that one reason i'd say that Warhammer has a better chance of being successful, but I dont think either of them will come anywhere near WoW's level of success

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guild wars 2 :D