The new layout killed this site.

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There seems to be little to no posting going on here since the new site was launched. The same topics are on the front page nothing moves and no new replies. RIP gamespot 2013

#2 Posted by KHAndAnime (14933 posts) -

The site certainly has gotten a little bit more slow and dull lately.

#3 Posted by James161324 (8315 posts) -

Its a horrible cluttered mess.

#4 Posted by Gooeykat (3375 posts) -

@Advid-Gamer: Yep, it's dead. I guess many people moved over to the general game forum..but the pc gaming forum is dead and gone.

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Thanks Obama.

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I don't think the new site is "That" bad. I just wish they would go back to adding more forums. I liked when the PC Gaming, and PC Hardware forums were separate and I miss Mobile Wars.

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The homepage is better though.

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@TwistedShade: Yeah, I don't think it's that bad. They just need to merge the things that were best from both sites. Doing things like browsing games was easier on the old site, they got rid of the ability to use HTML in posts, and they scrapped the best board on the site, PC Hardware...

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Agreed. There are a tiny handful of cosmetic changes around the main site that are pretty nice, but the forums are a mess, and lacking several essential features that were already there on the old site for over 10 years, and were taken out for no reason. Plus, the site is actually slower and more unstable than it used to be, and speed and stability were the only things that actually needed improvement. Not surprisingly, the community is all but gone, and the forums are pretty much a ghost town. Oh well. Those dumbasses did it to themselves.

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I hate it.

I used to check this forum multiple times throughout the course of a work day, now I barely ever come here.

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This isn't the place for this thread.