The best drifting game?

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I'm in search of an drifting game. I mean real drift, with slides, with throttle, not just press left arrow and drift. Something like NFS: Under Ground II. I don't care about graphic ( but it shouldn't be 1997 game :D ). So what do you recommend?
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Live For Speed ;)
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I enjoyed the drifting in both Shift 2 and DiRT 3. But they are not all about drifting of course.

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NFS Underground

NFS Underground 2

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I enjoy the drifting in Split Second. It's arcadey but I still enjoy it.
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Of all the racing games I played, I felt like GRID had the best drifting. It was done very well in that game. It's not pure sim and it's not pure arcade, but I think they managed a good mix at least as far as the drifting is concerned. The racing component of the game is very arcadey. Also great sounds, graphics, cars :D
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The BEST game for drifting for me was Juiced 2 ,, ooo american muscles;)

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Live For Speed ;)totopi4a


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NFS carbon.....
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NFS carbon...