Symptoms of a dead CPU

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#1 Posted by i-like-pie (4070 posts) -

Can anybody confirm for me?

- PC will NOT post (not reaching BIOS)
- No video output (blackscreen)
- Fans are spinning
- CPU fan is not spinning
- LEDs are burning

(Doesnt matter if a CPU is connected to the mobo, both yield the same results)

In short: nothing at all. But the fans and leds are working.

I had an other computer and I removed the CPU from the mobo and got the same symptoms.

#2 Posted by zaku101 (4427 posts) -

Could be the powersupply. It's usually very rare for the CPU to die unless you were overclocking without cooling. A bad powersupply might give you LED lights but usually can't power up the system. The board itself might be bad even though it shows up with LED lights.

If I am correct you tried another CPU in the board and it didn't post? Did you make sure the CPU was actually supported by the board? If so then the boards either bad or the powersupply for sure. Also did you make sure to connect the CPU power cable?

My moneys on the PSU. Try the other one from your other computer.

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Sounds like a dead PSU. When a PSU dies, it doesn't just stop working 100%, but it outputs only like 10% of its power, which is enough to light up the LEDs and spin fans.

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Like everyone else said, PSU. It will give you all of those symptoms because it isn't producing enough power to run the CPU, GPU etc.

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Another vote for the PSU. The PSU could be fine. I had the exact same problem with my first build a few years ago. Turned out, the PSU was too efficient and high rated for my low wattage system. It needed a higher minimum load on startup (a rare problem).

#6 Posted by i-like-pie (4070 posts) -

Thanks for all the replies.

The guy at the service desk also said that it could me my PSU. He tested my motherboard for me (with other components) and it reached the BIOS.

So that narrowed it down to CPU, GPU, RAM and my PSU. I dont really think that it could be my GPU or RAM.
But I find it strange that my system just stopped working. I never OC'ed my system and it was working fine for a year and I use it for everything like school, internet, gaming etc.

I dont get why it just failed on me. I connected my PSU to another computer and it did just fine. But it was a computer that didnt use as much power. So to my knowledge the PSU is working (I could be wrong)

Since everybody is saying that it could be my PSU I dont really know who the culprit is.

edit: My CPU is getting hot even though it is doing nothing

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this happened to me. but it was a faulty motherboard. then happened again, and it was my video card. stupid dell :(
#8 Posted by i-like-pie (4070 posts) -

My RAM failed on me. I got a new kit and it is working now :D