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This holiday I went a little nuts. We'd just moved into a new house with a den that's largely mine. I already had a PS3 and Xbox 360 and the holiday saw the addition of the Xbox One and PS4.

All the talk about Steambox had me thinking about how nice it would be to have access to my PC stuff in the den as well (too many hours at work behind a desk, I'm starting to hate my home office). I'm never going to buy a steambox to be a proxy to a PC I already have, so I decided to move my gaming PC into the den.

While I have a bluetoth keyboard/trackpad combo that's pretty solid for surfing and general PC use. The gaming is likely going to be restricted to games that play well with a controller or aren't as twitch based.

I've got Bioshock Infinite and the Swapper lined up waiting to get player. I may finally get through Witcher 1 and 2. I know Steam has icons to tell you what works well with a gamepad, but I was wondering what other games you guys liked lend themselves to couch potato play...

Thanks in advance.

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I could recommend you Metal Gear Rising, plays very well with X360 controller

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The newest Tomb raider. Decent game and works great with X360 controller. Other third person shooters such as saints row also work great with controllers

Driving games such as Grid are of course much better with controllers

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Here are some of the games I've played with X360 controller on Steam, without issue:


Fallout 3

Just Cause 2 (driving is easier)

LOTR: War In The North

Lara Croft: The Guardian Of Light

Crysis 2: Maximum Edition

Dead Island

Far Cry 3

Mirror's Edge

Saints Row - The Third


Tomb Raider Anniversary

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

If you download an app called Joy To Key (, you can also set up profiles for different games and bind keyboard keys and mouse controls to your gamepad. I've been experimenting with it on Terraria, Torchlight II, Path Of Exile and some other games and they work pretty well.

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Thanks all. Just finished up Bioshock Infinite on the PC and had a blast. Got Witcher 2 and Dishonored both installed and just trying to decide which one to plunge into next. I've played half of Witcher 1. I never got far on Witcher 2. I'm apparently too feeble minded to grasp the controller scheme as I've never actually survived all teh way through the tutorial.