Some games won't fit my screen :(

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So I use a 26 inch lcd tv for my monitor (It's all I have). I have it connected via an hd cable to my computer, and mostly things are fine. I set it to 1080p, but the screen size works out to something like 1700 x 992 or something.

Most games have no problem fitting the screen, but some games (most notable Red Alert 3 :( ) are always too big for the screen no matter what resolution I set them to. RA3 is always too big on the edges, so I can't see all the menu buttons and stuff in game. It's infuriating. And none of the resolution options match what I set other games to in order to get them to fit. Is there anything I can do about this?

I'm running vista 64.

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Change them manually through the config.ini or config.cfg. I dont own the game so it is either through program files or AppData (you need to make it so you can view all files and folders to see this one)

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Hey, that worked perfectly. Thanks a lot!