So... will any of you play RE6 when it gets ported ?

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#1 Posted by SovietsUnited (2380 posts) -

We all know the story: worst main game in the series so far, very mixed reviews and awkward gameplay. Not to mention the hopes for a good port, which is supposedly arriving in November, based on the info from vgreleases.

I will give it a chance just for the fact that I have played and enjoyed every major game in the series. Who knows, the gameplay might be alright for me, it's all a matter of preference anyway.

#2 Posted by the_bi99man (11059 posts) -

Eh. I enjoyed RE5 for what it was, but was definitely dissapointed by the direction it went. As for 6... my roommate has a PS3. I'll rent it and play it on that some time. If I like it, and they do an amazing job with a PC port, I might pick it up eventually.

#3 Posted by kozzy1234 (35356 posts) -

While RE4 and RE5 where not survival horror games and a different direction for the series, atleast they where still good/decent action games in there own right. RE6 though from the 3 hours I played of it was neither a godo survival horror game or a good action game.

Nice graphics and cutscenes thats it, everything else was horrid.

Ill buy it during a steam sale for $1-3 and thats it.

#4 Posted by SouL-Tak3R (4024 posts) -


#5 Posted by jhonMalcovich (5269 posts) -

Ill buy it during a steam sale for $1-3 and thats it.kozzy1234

This. I am not gonna pay 60 bucks for a game that will be released 6 month later after the console release, for a game which will certainly have console controls and other port issues, for a game wich got so poor reception from critics and gamers.

Actually I believe Capcom just put its leg in its mouth for not releasing RE6 on PC simultaneously with the console release. At least they could have made good money with preoders and initial hype buys.

But now, instead of riding into PC on a white horse accompanied by trumpets and drums, it will ride into it on a lame donkey in a complete silence except donkey´s "Iha Iha Iha".

#6 Posted by chrisrooR (9027 posts) -
#7 Posted by Rattlesnake_8 (18418 posts) -
Nope, not a fan of the Resident Evil games.. the original on PC were awesome.. not really a fan of any of the newer ones.
#8 Posted by yellonet (7768 posts) -

Nope, not a fan of the Resident Evil games..Rattlesnake_8
Same here.

#9 Posted by JigglyWiggly_ (23855 posts) -

why would i want to buy a movie where you mash buttons


#10 Posted by KillerJuan77 (3823 posts) -

I will get it.

#11 Posted by Mazoch (2423 posts) -
not really planning to after seeing the reviews. Might pick it up if it's on a sale for $5-10 at some point
#12 Posted by Masculus (2878 posts) -

I don't think so. It'll probably a really crappy game like LP2 was.

#13 Posted by Miroku32 (8666 posts) -
Nope, unless Capcom sells it at $1.00
#14 Posted by Rage010101 (5470 posts) -

i will once its $5-$10 on steam, no way am i paying anything more than that for it

#16 Posted by Elann2008 (33028 posts) -
I am seeing that RE6's control scheme is more like Dead Space now, which could be a good thing. I still don't know. But after RE5, I have very little faith in Capcom and its RE series. Like Kozzy said, I'll wait for a sale.
#17 Posted by darksusperia (6943 posts) -
was excited for it. Hopes were crushed. I shant play the abomination.
#18 Posted by 8-Bitterness (3707 posts) -
Of course not, so far it's a terrible game. It might be worth just watching a playthrough of it on Youtube.
#19 Posted by TwistedShade (3138 posts) -

i will once its $5-$10 on steam, no way am i paying anything more than that for it


I'm still waiting for operation racoon city to go that low, this could be awhile.:?

#20 Posted by SPYDER0416 (16736 posts) -

I loved (and still do love) Resident Evil 4, I consider it to be one of the best games ever made and one that turned the ailing franchise into something for other games to aspire to yet again. Resident Evil 5 was even tons of fun with a partner, even if it wasn't perfect.

Resident Evil 6 is just, really bad. Like I can't call it ok, or disappointing, but I think it is objectively bad in a lot of ways and that only a few people who through some stroke of luck may have missed its issues or gone past them would enjoy it. I might give it a rental, but right now I'm very disappointed in the direction the series has gone.

#21 Posted by Planeforger (16297 posts) -

I'd buy it again on PC, if only for the co-op play. I've only finished one of the campaigns, but so far it's a solid action-horror game that surpasses the previous two games in a bunch of different ways (especially with the combat system, story, graphics, atmosphere/horror and set pieces). The camera is worse than RE4 or 5, and the gameplay feels slightly choppier since it's faster-paced. I don't think it is as good as 4...although I do think that the 4.5 is a total joke (with all due respect to Van Ord). The review massively exaggerated non-issues and ignored the bulk of the gameplay/content.

#22 Posted by ShimmerMan (4463 posts) -

Capcom bloatware, no thanks. I wouldn't even install the game if the CEO of Capcom came to my door with the dvd and paid me $60 to install it on my PC.

#23 Posted by sloakz (379 posts) -

Yes i will buy it and play co-op naked with my next door neighbour

#24 Posted by toddx77 (3303 posts) -

I was going to but after hearing everything wrong with it no way I'm paying $60. I paid $25 for ORC last week during its daily deal and even that was too much for that broken game. Its like capcom learned nothing from ORC. I will probably be waiting until the game is $10 or below on steam.

#25 Posted by LP4EVA2005 (8585 posts) -

i will once its $5-$10 on steam, no way am i paying anything more than that for it

#26 Posted by klusps (10385 posts) -

Maybe when it is really cheap like $10 on a sale.

#27 Posted by wis3boi (32003 posts) -

if it printed money for me, yes

#28 Posted by donalbane (16379 posts) -
Absolutely not. RE5 was a huge letdown, and it sounds like 6 is more of the same... maybe even worse. No thanks.
#29 Posted by bonafidetk (3854 posts) -
did capcom outsource this game or something? How can they let their flagship game series turn into such utter trash?
#30 Posted by MW2ismygame (2183 posts) -

Not unless they pay me to play it. To me the series is now dead.

#31 Posted by Armoured_Mage (766 posts) -

i played re5 on console and enjoyed it, but when i played it on pc the controls felt horrible, so no I wont get re6 on pc because of that.

#32 Posted by SharkheadHD (227 posts) -
I have not really played through any RE game in the series yet, so maybe I will start with this one when it gets ported. I have tried RE5 but it didn't maintain my interest very long.
#33 Posted by BPoole96 (22814 posts) -
It's not worth my time. If it was on sale for $1 right now I wouldn't buy it
#34 Posted by the_bi99man (11059 posts) -


Just started replaying RE4. With mods. I think this will satisfy my Resident Evil cravings. Might replay 5 at some point.

#35 Posted by lpjazzman220 (2248 posts) -

i was a fan of RE when it was a survival horror game. RE4 changed up the formula and it was good for what it was. then i played dead space. it fixed a number of the complaints that i have in RE4. RE5 came out and it didnt fix the problems that DS had fixed. while RE did make the aiming system better, i shouldnt have to stand still to shoot.(i do it for a to shoot and move at the same time). RE5 added co-op, i have never been a fan of that idea, hence why i will probably not get DS3. from what ive seen of RE6 on ps3, it takes the formula from RE5 and adds even more over-the-top cut scenes and makes the game play and camera even worse. point being, the game had tons of potential and they went in the wrong direction at almost every turn. also, based off of previous ports of RE games, i have no interest in even trying RE6 on pc

#36 Posted by bugarinamar (9 posts) -
hell yeah i love RE4 ,but not so much RE5,this resident evil 6 has that old schol leon and zombis
#37 Posted by BattleSpectre (7232 posts) -

Sadly, i probably won't ever play this game. Never interested me from the start and the fact it scored a crappy score. If it ever hits $10 then "MAYBE".

#38 Posted by SPYDER0416 (16736 posts) -

I'll honestly just go play more Resident Evil 4 HD (PC version is hard to find and I'm too lazy to put all those mods in just so it works).

I mean, its the best Resident Evil game ever made, and considering Dead Space just blatantly ripped off the formula with a couple of changes (moving while aiming, instant melee, vending machines instead of sweet merchant), then took it in space and became massively successful, I have to wonder why Capcom just totally decided to screw that up.

I like the co-op in RE5, but I didn't ask for the horribly dumbed down inventory, I didn't ask for them to give me more crappy quick time events, I didn't ask for them to remove the animations for when someone gets shot, I didn't ask for a lot of the crap that crapped up RE6. I'm just so mad because I love Resident Evil 4 so much, and they couldn't just give me more of that, they had to poop all over the franchise and abandon any notion of tension or exploration or even basic polish.

#39 Posted by IxX3xil3d0n3XxI (1508 posts) -
From what my friends tell me about it, nope. Best RE is still RE2.
#40 Posted by Elann2008 (33028 posts) -
From what my friends tell me about it, nope. Best RE is still RE2. IxX3xil3d0n3XxI
Aye. RE2 and Code Veronica are my favorites.
#41 Posted by TruedUp (691 posts) -
Its difficult to ignore the reviews and general consensus on RE6. It probably isnt right to base you opinion solely on the opinion of others but theres no way im willing to take a chance after all Ive read. Hell, Escapist said in a comic that the game sucked and begged people not to buy it when the NDA was still up, appearantly. Thats crazy! :p
#42 Posted by maddogmark25 (3630 posts) -
No. Last RE I played was 4, I didn't really enjoy the changes, and haven't played a new RE since. There aren't many games like the classic RE, I hate how they went and changed everything up and made it just another shooter IMO.
#43 Posted by darksusperia (6943 posts) -
[QUOTE="IxX3xil3d0n3XxI"]From what my friends tell me about it, nope. Best RE is still RE2. Elann2008
Aye. RE2 and Code Veronica are my favorites.

3rd'd. I still have code veronica for the dreamcast. Awesome game.
#44 Posted by trastamad03 (4859 posts) -

I'm still in limbo... Either wait and get it on PC when it's cheap, or get the Anthology Edition when it's cheaper (currently goes for ~90$) which includes pretty much every RE game.

#45 Posted by Arach666 (23042 posts) -
No,I never was big on the series,didn´t liked 4 that much and didn´t even played 5,so I´m gonna be skipping this one,especially since it seems to be fairly average.
#46 Posted by GarGx1 (3372 posts) -

Not for me, may get it in a couple of years when it hit a quid on Steam

#47 Posted by Qixote (10791 posts) -

No. I played the 360 demo and it seemed as bad as reviews said. Yet another step backward in the series.

#48 Posted by santoron (8047 posts) -

Maybe some day wayyy down the line. I still haven't gotten around to a full playthrough of 5 yet, merely playing some co-op and then running the last hour or so with a friends playthrough.

#49 Posted by wis3boi (32003 posts) -



#50 Posted by PcGamingRig (7148 posts) -

if the port is good, no. :D