skyrim mods that increase polygon counts?

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Was planning to replay skyrim for the mods anyone know any good graphic ones that are stable

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I can't think of many that affect poly count. There's Static Mesh Improvement which seems to still be updated regularly. I think that does a great job of improving the few really bad models. There are several body mods but the original bodies didn't really look bad as far as poly count.

There are a ton of good texture mod. I wouldn't recommend using many unless you have more than 1GB of RAM on your GPU though. I would recommend Book of Silence.

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Armor and hair mods probably add some, too, though I think you're mostly looking for improved graphics. Textures really help quite a bit if you've got the power for it.

Oh, and don't forget the basics! Messing around with the ini file is a must! NVidia made a very nice article back when the game first came out that's very handy.

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Last time I played I got a HUGE amount of texture packs, in combination it was a total of some 16gb. I got another mod (more of an executable) that blended those mods in a way that replaced just about all other textures in the game. After that, I got a heavy ENB that I found nice, changing the lighting to a much more realistic lighting system, and it was like a whole other game.

I used lots of gameplay/item mods too, but as far as graphics that's pretty much it.

I also got city rehauls, where all cities in the game were completely changed with lots of added was really, really cool.

Good luck.