Silent Hill 3 PC problem

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#1 Posted by vid_diesel (25 posts) -

i know this game might be very old but i cant find the answer so im posting this...

a friend lend me a Silent Hill 3 for PC

but it wont work on my lap ._. (but it even runs GH3!) but this wont work x(

this happens...

my specs..
Windows XP Home SP2 (no win vista transformation pack, its just a lovely skin :3)
- Intel Celeron M 1.6Ghz
- 512MB RAM
- Intel GMA 945 64MB

this even runs GH3! (of course with 3danalyze help)

what should i do to run silent hill 3 D: (this is the only silent hill i have not played >_

#2 Posted by vid_diesel (25 posts) -
sry for 2ble postin but i really need this DX ive posted this on 2 forums and no one else posted :(
#3 Posted by ganondorf_evil (25 posts) -
I have the same problem on my laptop, the screen will start flashing and the arrow will leave after-images of itself all over the screen then a message appears saying "A problem has occured, please restart and try again".
#4 Posted by mr_mozilla (2381 posts) -
Laptop hardware might often conflict with games even tho technically it might be powerfull enough to run it, especially when the game is a sloppy console port and even more so with intel gpu. You can try updating drivers, tweak settings(windowed, movies disabled) and the other usual stuff but there's always the chance that your GMA 945 simply isn't supported.
#5 Posted by LuckyGamer531 (25 posts) -

Hey did you ever fixed the problem? because i just got the game and having the same issue. Search forums on the internet and your the only one with the same problem :( please help