S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Lost Alpha released 27/04/14

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Just a heads up that Stalker the Lost Alpha was released today as a standalone game,it is a 6.1 GB download


Anyone interested in trying this out?

For anyone unsure The Lost Alpha is based on the old alpha previews of stalker from around 2002 before they made many changes reducing the scope of the game features and the maps,this aims to create a game more like the original vision of what stalker was supposed to be before the changes that happened a few years later.


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You tried it yet is it worth it?

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This is super rad. I do plan to download this and try it out some time in the future. It looks super cool.

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Looks like it's coming along well. Shadow of Chernobyl, although excellent, didn't quite reach the expectations from Oblivion Lost

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@blutfahne said:

You tried it yet is it worth it?

just finished downloading it will be playing it in the morning.

More Stalker is always a good thing :P

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I still need to finish Stalker, it's so hard to get into it for me though. You really have to be in the right mood to play it, for me anyway.

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Played a bit of the Lost Alpha. It seems like they have a whole single-player campaign, so I wonder now how that one differs from the original.