Running steam games from an external hard drive

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#1 Posted by SnowTurtle96 (21 posts) -

Hey guys , recently my steam library has been coming up to 400GB+ and i simply have no space left on my internal drive

My solution was to move everything to my 500gb 5400rpm external hard drive.

I know this is possible and the games will run , but will i suffer any preformance related issues with the drive not being fast ?

#2 Posted by Treflis (11834 posts) -
Yes, though to what degree I can't tell.
#3 Posted by wis3boi (32022 posts) -

I run all of my steam games from my external 1tb drive, runs perfectly fine, loads the same speed as if they were on my main drive.

#4 Posted by jakes456 (1398 posts) -

loading from an external will be slower.

#5 Posted by ampiva (1250 posts) -
Depends on the port being used. USB will be slower than SATA.
#6 Posted by bonafidetk (3854 posts) -
Yes but it depends what drive you use. Most external drives arent really designed to be running programs and be on 24/7. They're generally designed for storage. Dont be surprised if you get the click of death.
#7 Posted by EliteM0nk3y (3382 posts) -
For school we got a 1 TB external hard drive. I have put steam on there along with some games, only thing I have noticed some games take a second or two longer to load.
#8 Posted by Gen007 (10955 posts) -

youll be fine running off an external unless you have a super fast internal HD there wont be that big of a difference.

#9 Posted by 04dcarraher (20625 posts) -
Going from a 7200 rpm intermal Hdd to an external 5400rpm, you will see longer load times and depending on the game may see some stutter. But for the most part it shouldnt affect you too much .