Question about prices of gaming mice

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I just bought the G700s recently because the previous G500s right mouse button isn't working properly and the one before is the G5 and its laser got screwed up and was unusable and threw it away. So, then I decided to look up the prices on these mice on amazon. WOW.. how come is the G5, the oldest mouse of all, the highest priced one? They are about 300 dollars on amazon while the newer one, the g500s are about 100 dollars and the newest one I just bought reccently was only for 70 dollars.

I did not know that gaming mice are collectibles and they get more expensive the more rarer and older they get. Or.. is it something else causing the older gaming mice's prices to go up or is it just those mice I mentioned? What is going on?

So, the question is... since I still have g500s, should i keep it for a long time as they get more worthy over time (if that's the case)? I thought about selling it since I don't need it anymore but then... I saw those prices....

Edit: What about keyboards? Are gaming keyboards collectibles as well?

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They are D/C'd hence the price, they can charge w.e they want without competition. Not sure if anyone is crazy enough to buy it. I wouldn't put any value on mass produced mice or product, maybe if its really old or limited editions.

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Edit: What about keyboards? Are gaming keyboards collectibles as well?

I remember seeing The Old Republic Set (Keyboard, Mouse, Mousepad, Headphones) going at really high price. It's sort of a collector's set. Sold out instantly when it launched.