question about diablo 3 key

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i was looking at prices for diablo 3 in ebay and decided to buy a copy there. however, i have a question.

i was wondering whether any brand new copy of diablo 3 will work and allow me to log on and play or do i need something else?

If anyone has bought their copies on ebay please help clarify this. =D

thanks in advance

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You just need to create a account.

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If you're buying a copy on Ebay you best make sure that thing is new, never used before. You need an internet connection to play D3 as you need a account to login to play the game. As long as the seller has high ratings and looks trustworthy you should be good just read the item description carefully make sure it's new or key was never used before because it may be tied to someone's account if it's been activated before. Hope that helps.

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Does it say "brand new" on the listing? If so you should be ok as the key hasn't been tampered with. If it says like new then check the description to see if the key has been used.

All that matters is the key. The cd's or dvd's just have the game files on them but you always need a key to tie to your account.

If it's new like you said then there should be a brand new key and you should be fine :).