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I just built my first pc and my still kinda noob with how everything works. I have a everything plugged in but when I try turning my pc on nothing turns on except the lights on the front of the case and lights on my mobo. Did I do something wrong or is there something I missed?

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Check all power connections, and check all cables and front panel connectors.

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At least lights are turning on so that's a good sign that PSU is working.

@04dcarraher said:

Check all power connections, and check all cables and front panel connectors.

Just like he said, check connections again; 24pin, CPU fan, mobo to HDD, mobo to GPU, front/top/back fans to mobo, etc.

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Ok I rechecked my connections and now my CPU fan,front case fan and LEDs are all on. However nothing is still coming up on my monitor.

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Make sure you have Gpu firmly seated. Those things take a touch of force to get in.

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@Arthas045: my GPU is seated in firmly.

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Some people may criticize me but this is How I learned and built my pc with no problems.

You can go through it all (long) or look for what you need.

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I did everything in that video already.

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Did you plug in the auxillary 4 pin cpu power? Check near the cpu. You might see a 4 pin (or 8) that you might have missed. Depending on the model of motherboard, you'll sometimes get power to some components, and on others, you'll get nothing at all.

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Does your motherboard have onboard graphics? Where did you plug in the monitor and what cable/connection did you use?

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Can you take pictures of inside your case and the back (or a video tour) it may be easier to find out whats missing.

But if not what graphics card do you have, some require power connections on it (or if you already know, did you plug in stuff to the gpu?)

Also in addition to the big 24 pin plug there is another one that goes onto the motherboard (usually) is that plugged in or do you not know of one?