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Hey guys, i've almost finished buying everything for my new pc build but am slightly concerned about my last two purchases from I thought i'd look at some reviews over the internet just because I haven't heard of them before and have seen a bombardment of terrible feedback from angry customers. Has anyone ever bought something from them and if so what was the service and product like?

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I've used them twice

1st time was for a DVD player about 10 years ago. It died and the CS was a complete joke, took about 6 months for them to send a replacement.

I thought I'd give them 1 more chance about 5 years ago and ordered a birthday present for my wife. Such a chore trying to get what I had ordered. Excuses of misunderstandings, lack of stock, just plain ignoring emails.

Will NOT use them again

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Looks like i might well be in trouble then..I feel like i've already taken a big gamble and it was only yesterday i ordered from them..gonna give it a few days but keep my eye on the order :/

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Built a PC on your own, it's not that difficult after watching 1-2 tutorials on YouTube.

And it took me only 1 hour including cable management.

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@PredatorRules: I am building a pc on my own that is why I made another thread on it not too long ago.. im buying parts from there