PC platformers with mouse aim - more complex/deep

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I know similar to my description games like Abuse, or simple shotgun fun fun, or a bit different gunpoint - but what I have an itch for is a game that would have more coplex weapon systems, something like granade launchers included with aiming needing gravity consideration and bouncing - that'll be awesome!

One more game comes to mind - Worms haha! Weapons, side aiming, bouncing - all awesome, but not much of a platformer where you progress deeper into levels, which I want here.


so I'm looking for a game with shooting that would have:

-side view (unless something fits perfectly my description an has other view)

-mouse aiming

-weapon selection

-physics involved (trajectories/bouncing/etc)

-maybe not just pure fast paced fighting shooting, but some thinking/strategy needed, too?

-maybe some more combat depth, like using armors/shields/powerups/special items/ MAYBE EVEN SOME RPG ELEMENTS? for character grow in abilities etc


Ok, so it doesn't need all that, last 2 wishes are optional (would be great thought) - I havent played Abuse for a very long time but it seem to fit my description/wish the best from game I played.

Also, Shothun FunFun really is fun to play and beat own high scores, but its very fast paced and chaotic, plus very simple.

Gunpoint isn't really a shooter ant there's little of it in the game, but aiming the jump and strategic part of it is what I am after..

I have Windows 7, if it matters.

Can be indie game, can be old game, can be any game - just fitting above.

So that's it, thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions, recommendations - That'll be great.

For those who do not know Abuse game: