PC games for a beginner??

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HI, requesting you all to suggest some pc games for a beginner..I like race and shooting games..I have finished NFS -Most Wanted, Carbon and dint like Prostreet..I have also finished Stalker - SOC, COD-4, SOF-payback etc and currently playing G.R.A.W. 2..thanks..
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Did you play those games on the pc? If so I think you are more than a beginner in fps and other catagories. BF 2142 can be an easy way to ease into bf because it simplifies the process somewhat and in titan mode you can't get base raped if you are in the titan/.
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yes..i played them on pc..I already have CRYSIS, MASS EFFECT but not loaded yet..will do after G.R.A.W 2..can you suggest some more games??
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i have no idea what a good game is for a beginner, but i do know that the orange box is utter awesomeness.
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Nah, if anything you're a average FPS player now if you want to be labeled as such.

FPS games I can think of for you would be

Half-Life 2

Doom 1,2 and 3

Quake 1, 2 and 4

Unreal Tournament




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for a begginer cod 4 not crysis not timeshift mostly try old gmaes
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Thankyou much..I will try some of them..I also played HL - 2, FEAR - extraction point(dint like it)..my PC is Core 2 duo E4400, Intel System board..2 gigs RAM..160 GB HD, nvidia 7300 GT 512 MB..DVD 20X..do I need to upgrade something to be able to play games like CRYTEK Warhead, Far CRY 2, Stalker Clear Sky etc?? Please suggest..
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i suggest half life the best game for begginer but the first one not 2 if you can get past the graphics you get a 10/10 experiance