Overclocking ram MHz or faster timing

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What's better when Overclocking ram faster times or more MHz?

#2 Posted by GTR12 (10745 posts) -

@awax187187: Umm both equally.

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Depends on other variables like CPU clock speed and voltages.

Neither make much of a difference to anything apart from bleeding edge benching.

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Neither, not worth it at all.. You'd never notice the difference. The only thing worth overclocking these days is the CPU.

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I've tried overclocking my RAM but was getting stability issues. A few of the overclocking forums I frequent tend to agree with that. Overclocking RAM isn't really worth it.

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Both if you can.I run my 1600Mhz sticks at 2133Mhz and have noticed a slight improvement on the minimum frame rates.

i wouldn't recommend setting your ram voltage higher than 1.65v though.

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Just leave it as 1600mhz if it can.

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It doesn't matter what speed it is as long as its DDR3 at you have 8GB's or more.

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@Grey_Eyed_Elf said:

It doesn't matter what speed it is as long as its DDR3 at you have 8GB's or more.


Hardly worth the effort for what would be an unnoticable increase in performance

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There's a general formula

2000 x (CL / Speed ) = Latency in nanoseconds (ns)


It also depends on the application, games tend to like lower cas latency, while programs like winrar prefer throughput.