Overclocking my Athlon II x4 640

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#1 Posted by Mareczek99 (340 posts) -

I dunno if I should really bother, but are there any preferable settings for overclocking this CPU?

It's a Athlon II x4 640 3.0Ghz, my Mobo has a OC feature in BIOS but I don't really know what settings should I mess with.

Anyone of You ever oveclocked a CPU like this one before and could share some light on the subject?

I got a new cooler installed so I'm not afraid of cooking the poor thing :)

#2 Posted by muscleserge (3307 posts) -
You can find guides online, squeezing a bit more juice wouldn;t hurt, especially since you already got new cooling.
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basically you simply up the voltage and if temps dont spike ( a little voltage goes a long way) and the ramp up the cpu core clock manually in tiny increments no more than 50mhz at a time or 25mhz. since this isnt an unlocked cpu like the phenom II's dont expect a huge maximum core clock jump likely id be suprised if you hit 3.15ghz on air.