Origin On the House: Wing Commander 3

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Origin have changed the 'On the House' deal once again. This time it's Chris Roberts Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger.

Many of us will remember this classic from 1994/95 with fond memories, and with the upcoming release of Star Citizen, this gives fans new and old another chance to give it go.

So what did you think of Wing Commander III back in the day? And if you do decide to try it again now, how well do you think it's aged?

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Great game and I think it ages well because of the story.

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@Arthas045: Agreed, the FMV story blew me away back then. The only other games I really felt came close for a long time, were the Command & Conquer games and Toonstruck.

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Free is nice, but GOG is better ;)

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This game and Tex Murphy series def did the FMV the best :)