Nuclear Dawn on sale

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#1 Posted by AfroPirate (675 posts) -

$2.49 for it on steam. I was thinking about getting it.

#2 Posted by ShadowRun02 (72 posts) -

it's a fair game if you like strategy and fps.

it's certainly worth 2$

the game may seem caotic and unfair, but once you get the hang of it it's really fun. it's not very active but there's always at least one full server.

but if you really want an rts fps hybrid try Savage 2/1.

it's a bit old, but it has some players playing and it's free to play, and it's just what you need.

#3 Posted by SharkheadHD (227 posts) -

I WAS going to get it until I saw TotalBiscuit's video gameplay of it. It looks great EXCEPT for the fact that the announcer says "Structure Under Attack" every ten seconds nonstop. I play games for fun, not to get irritated and annoyed : P